About us


About us:

Ayes… was founded in 2011. With its dynamic management structure in the direction of research and development, it is an export company that is able to respond to the customers’ fast production  demands by adapting to the dynamics of rapid change in international markets and focuses on quality and consistency.

We manufacture the models in the collections, which are prepared by our expert design team, for women, men and children in knitting or weaving qualities in low or high quantities according to the demands of the customers or target market.


To be exemplified and a leader company in the market focusing on  customer satisfaction ,stable,qualified and fast production, and concious of social and enviromental conscious need of customers.


With the power of experience  and good references  in the international competitive sector our aim isto give  plus value and  proactive service to meet the expectations of the customers which  maintains a trusting  and respectful employment environment.