Our Social Compliance Policy

Our social compliance policy, together with all of our business partners, is based on our core principles and values and includes the standards we have established by working in teamwork. Our goal is AYES GIYIM PAZ. SINGING. VE DIS TIC.LTD.STI. to become the corporate culture within the Social Conformity Policy. For this reason, social compliance standards have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating products and services with these social compliance standards, this policy undertakes to give all rights of employees arising from the standards within the framework of the laws, to comply with the rules of occupational health and safety, to be sensitive to the environment, to establish an open and honest communication, respect and value among the employees. Social compliance policy is announced to all employees through trainings, our suppliers are informed and our suppliers are evaluated according to these criteria. Under this policy, no retaliation or punishment is imposed on employees who express their concerns, concerns and grievances, and the Suggestion, Wish and Complaint boxes created to express their concerns and concerns are used. Employees can put all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions into the boxes and these are opened and evaluated by Human Resources and necessary improvement, corrective and preventive studies are made for the areas that are open to improvement. Social Compliance Policy covers the following components:

1) Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

2) Child Labor (Underage Employees)

3) Discrimination (Equalist Approach)

4) Working Hours and Fees (Fee / Salary)

5) Health and Safety

6) Commitment to Society and Stakeholders

7) Foreign Employees

8) Human Trafficking

9) Rest Days and Holidays

10) Recruitment and Employment

11) Employment Contract (Employer Agreement)

12) Worker Discipline

13) Supplier Selection for Social Conformity





1.Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)
It prohibits all forms of labor, including working in prison, an apprenticeship contract, a labor force against debt, military labor or slave labor and all forms of human trafficking.
2.Child Labor Force (Underage Employees)
It adheres to the minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Our workplace prohibits the work of persons under the age of 18 in a position requiring work in danger. The prohibition of child labor in the workplace complies with Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law and other legal regulations and International Labor Organization standards.
3. Discrimination (Equalist Approach)
It values all employees and their contributions. It has a long-standing commitment to discrimination and equal opportunity. Our workplace; It is committed to maintaining as being places where there is no discrimination or physical or verbal abuse based on race, gender, color, nationality, or social background, religion, age, disability, political opinion, or any value value protected by applicable law. The selection of personnel for the workplace is based on qualifications such as open position, training, interests, skills, work experience.
4. Working Hours and Fees (Fee / Salary)
their employees; It gives competitive wages according to the sector and the local labor market. Our application; wages, working hours, overtime and side payments in full compliance with applicable laws and labor contracts. We offer our employees opportunities to improve their skills and capacities, and these efforts are supported by offering opportunities to increase as much as possible.
5.Health and Safety
Ensures the creation and protection of a safe and healthy workplace environment. The Company creates a work environment where employees can work safe, healthy and productive by minimizing the risk of accident, injury and health risk.

  1. Commitment to Society and Stakeholders
    It promises to engage with its stakeholders on the basis of goodwill by listening to their views, gaining information from their views and taking into account their views. In this context, it determines the employees’ representatives in accordance with the legislation and creates an environment where employees can discuss their problems with the representatives and allows them to report them in written boxes. Where appropriate, it commits to establish a dialogue with its stakeholders on workplace-related and sphere-of-business rights issues.
    7.Foreign Employees
    Foreign employees working in the Company; Employment contracts are arranged in the language they understand. The original documents cannot be taken from the work itself and / or when necessary. The worker cannot be charged in any case. The Company protects the legal rights of foreign workers to work.
    8.Human Trafficking
    The company cannot run illegal workers. In the event that the employee leaves the job, the company cannot prevent or postpone it except for any security reasons. All information of the employee is preserved and kept to the extent prescribed by law.
    9.Rest Days and Holidays
    Employees may not be deprived of their holiday and rest within the framework of their legal rights. Personnel working 5 days a week are given a week’s holiday.
  2. 1 Recruitment and Employment
    The vacant positions required by the company management are determined and employment is carried out by the company management in accordance with the law and in accordance with certain rules (foreign worker, egalitarian approach, leave, salary, holiday, employment contract, etc.).
    11. Employment Contract (Employer Agreement)
    Employment Contract and Personnel Regulation shall be prepared between the Company and the person to be employed, which includes the conditions offered to the personnel and in compliance with the workplace and the law.
  3. Worker Discipline
    Disciplinary rules determined by the disciplinary board are applied in order to ensure disciplined work by the company. The Company may not impose a fee deduction in any way to discipline its employees.
    13.Supplier Selection for Social Conformity
    Our workplace evaluates and supervises all subcontractors, subcontractors, subcontractors and subcontractors to establish the Business Partnership by means of BSCI-Social Compliance Officer. Again, it completes reports and remedial work to senior management. The social compliance officer is responsible for supervising the sub-suppliers at least once a year.